About Us

Our Mission
Our mission is to preserve the rural character, environment, and quality of life in the town of Brownfield while maintaining
  economic viability. We engage with residents, organizations, and town agencies to educate ourselves and others to gather and distribute information to the public about issues facing the town and its citizens.

Toward Burnt Meadow Mountains, 1905
Saco River at East Brownfield, 1912


What We Are Doing Now

Brownfield Concerned Citizens (BCC) is a group of local citizens. BCC members have been attending Brownfield Planning Board workshops, monitoring the progress and participating in the development of a proposed updated Water Extraction Ordinance. A primary objective is to offer explanations of the content of the proposed ordinance and the reasons behind its development. 

How We Came To Be

In early 2017, a large-scale water extraction company approached town of Brownfield officials with a request to change the town’s water ordinance to be more suitable to large-scale extraction. This request made many members of the town realize that our water ordinance was not sufficient to protect the town’s water resources in today’s world. Town selectmen formed a committee to rewrite the existing water ordinance. This group of dedicated individuals completed the task and submitted the draft ordinance to a private attorney for review. In addition, several public forums were held in town, which were attended by many townspeople. These meetings culminated in a special town meeting held on November 13, 2017.  At this meeting which was attended by more than 100 residents, it was overwhelmingly voted to place a moratorium on large-scale water extraction activity for 180 days so the town could develop a Large Scale Water Extraction Ordinance. This petition stated:

“This Moratorium Ordinance is adopted for the purpose of providing the Town of Brownfield with sufficient time to review its existing ordinances, to determine the implications of foreseeable or anticipated Large-Scale Water Extraction Activity, and to develop and implement adequate ordinance amendments to govern the safe location, design and operation of Large-Scale Water Extraction Activity in the Town, to protect the Town’s natural resources, to protect the safety and welfare of residents of the Town, and to prevent the over-burdening of Town roads, bridges and other Town infrastructure.”

Changes due to the actions of outside interests are moving forward at a rapid pace. These changes would have a significant impact on the quality of life in the surrounding towns – including Brownfield – and our present governing by-laws are insufficient to give reasonable local control over any potential impacts on how growth happens in our town. Such local control is enshrined in the Maine Constitution and is an inherent responsibility of all citizens. It is from this inherent responsibility that Brownfield Concerned Citizens was born! Brownfield citizens are welcome to join and encouraged to share ideas!

Our hope is to eventually reach beyond these immediate issues, become involved in informing citizens of any changes in town ordinances, and become a place where all citizens can express concerns and ideas through a democratic, respectful process.